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Join the Capital Ukrainian Festival and be part of the magic! Our volunteers work in a variety of positions that include: VIP hospitality, food service, parking and transportation, merchandise, volunteer coordination, promotions, bar-tending, set up, tear down, and venue supervision. Gain valuable skills and experience, engage and inspire your community, develop meaningful friendships and create memories to talk about for years to come.

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Job Description

There are roughly 20 core operational sections that are volunteer powered during the Capital Ukrainian Festival! Some areas are managed by partner groups, while others require individuals from the community at large. Please take a look at the brief descriptions below for individual opportunities.


*** If you are a group looking to participate in the Festival, please visit our group information page, or contact our Volunteer Coordinator directly ***

Setup & Tear Down Team:

The Capital Ukrainian Festival attracts thousands of spectators each year Before the gates can be opened to the public, the festival grounds need to be prepared. If you are looking to get involved in the festival from start to finish, this team provides an opportunity to contribute towards the very core of the festival’s success by making sure that all of the areas are prepared to offer a positive experience to everyone visiting the grounds, as well as ensuring that during the take down, the grounds are left in the same state as they were when the event began.

Box Office and Ticket Sales

Volunteers in this section play a crucial role in the Festival’s success, as you will be some of the first people patrons encounter when they come onto the grounds! You will not only be selling tickets, and providing directions, but also welcoming people to the Festival and answering some of their initial questions. This role is best suited for individuals who enjoy engaging with the public, who are comfortable working alone and as part of a broader team, and are confident in their basic math skills.

*Applicants must be a minimum of 16 years of age to volunteer in this section.

Operations Team:

Are you interested in what goes on behind the scenes during the Capital Ukrainian Festival? Do you like a dynamic setting, where you are switching between tasks and locations? Then this is the team for you. Help ensure that everything is running smoothly, from the live music, to the food tents, to the workshop series, and learn what it takes to keep a festival running smoothly from start to finish.

Kitchen Team:

Like many of the cultural festivals that take place in our Nation’s Capital, food is a significant element of the Capital Ukrainian Festival experience. Throughout the weekend, there are a variety of traditional dishes that are prepared both on and off site. The Kitchen team is a great place to gain some culinary skills, and learn the secrets to some of the Ukrainian recipes that keep patrons coming back every year.

Bar Team:

Throughout the weekend, performances run non-stop on the main stage. As spectators don’t want to miss any of the excitement, various beverages are served in the area to make sure that everyone stays hydrated and happy. The team working in the beer tent is crucial to maintaining the flow of cold drinks, and allowing the festival to run smoothly. Members of the team also have a direct line of communication to members of the security team, communicating any concerns around alcohol consumption and potential disturbances.

Parking Team:

Another major pillar of support for the security team are the volunteers tasked with overseeing parking rules. Members of this team work closely with the festival organizers and onsite security to monitor the ongoing safety of the festival site, and the patrons. Volunteers on this team will need to employ their problem solving skills to deal with logistical issues, as well as stay vigilant and communicate with members of their team to ensure the best possible experience for patrons.

Cool Team:

Summer festivals can not only get busy, they can also get very hot! Just like the team name states, the cool team will be the first line of support for the first aid responders onsite, keeping a watchful eye out for festival goers that may be experiencing heat exhaustion, and offering water/shelter to help cool down patrons.


A great opportunity for students enrolled in early childhood education, working with some of the youngest patrons of the Festival will give you an opportunity to put into practice some of the skills obtained in your courses. This is also a great team to join for anyone interested in learning more about working with youth as part of community programming. The kids area, which is sponsored by the EIA, includes games, sandboxes, face painting, and giant bouncy castles! Volunteers in the Kidzone assist parents and their children with the activities, and are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for everyone.

Welcoming Team:

One of the most notable jobs on the Festival grounds is the welcoming team. These volunteers are the welcoming committee for patrons entering the grounds. Being a part of this team provides you the opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge of Festival events and scheduling, including getting to know the vendors, workshops and the sitemap in order to answer questions and provide recommendations to festival-goers.

Volunteers at our Information Kiosks are our main Festival ambassadors ! Kiosks are placed in central locations, where visitors can come and ask questions, pick up a map/menu, or make a donation to the Edmonton Food Bank.

Green Team

Our green team is responsible for maintaining the Capital Ukrainian Festival’s cleanliness. For this role, you will constantly be moving around the grounds, and using attention to detail to make sure that the site is pristine and hazard free both for patrons and organizers. This is a great opportunity for friends looking to volunteer together, as you will be working in pairs or small groups.

Survey Team

As a member of the Survey Team, you will be on the front lines, responsible for collecting data on how the festival can improve for the following years, and gathering feedback from patrons about their overall experience

Festival Runners

Festival Runners are the first on scene to help analyze and execute solutions to any problems that arise during the festivities.

Volunteer Coordination and Hospitality

Volunteers in this area help fellow volunteers check in for their shift, hand out the volunteer swag, and help direct people to their Team Leads and to the section they will be working in. This team also helps feed our on site volunteers, providing volunteers in this section a chance to help with meal preparation and distribution, as well as some cleaning duties.