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2022 Workshops

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Workshops & Presentations 2020

Motanka Dolls

Instructor: Nataliya Chabanyuk
Videographer: Platon Boiko

August 27, 2020

The motanka doll is one of the most ancient handmade items in Ukrainian household. It is made by winding and tying cloth and thread. Motanka is not sewn; scissors and/or needles may not be used to make motanka.

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Pysanky - Ukrainian Egg Painting

Instructor: Bozena Hrycyna
Videographer: Olga Glotka

September 13, 2020

Learn the ancient art of Ukrainian Easter Egg decorating-- a sacred and meditative practice. Pysanky, as these eggs are known in Ukrainian, are made using the wax-resist "batik" method, in which designs are drawn or written onto the egg with beeswax, and then submerged in a series of dye baths. Pysanky are often very intricate and include layers of meaning, imbued with symbols of protection and goodwill.

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Instructor: Bozena Hrycyna
Videographer: Olga Glotka

September 20, 2020

Explore Ukrainian embroidery for beginners as a fun, relaxing way to discover this popular and highly developed fine art. The unique look of Ukrainian embroidery is a result of the specific combinations of materials, designs, techniques and colours and varies depending on the region of origin.

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Ukrainian Garlic and Dill Pickles

Instructor: Bozena Hrycyna
Videographer: Olga Glotka

September 27, 2020

Learn how to make traditional, fermented Ukrainian garlic and dill pickles in the comfort of your own home! This workshop invites you into a little secret: naturally fermented pickles bursting with taste. These pickles are fruitier and more complex than pickles made with vinegar. Fermented pickles are full of probiotics, enzymes for digestion and stress-busting B vitamins, making them everyday super-foods!

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Icons - Windows to Heaven

Instructor: Olenka Hanushevska Galadza
Videographer: Olga Glotka

October 1, 2020

Learn about and experience Byzantine Iconography, as found in Ukrainian and other Eastern Christian worship throughout the world. Participants will have a brief introduction to the rationale, history, and ancient process of icon-painting, and can try their hand in recreating a simplified semblance of an icon.

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Rediscovering One Another: An Interfaith Discussion on Human Dignity

October 24, 2020

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are the three major religions in the world, each rich in overlapping culture and heritage. This workshop will explore contemporary issues in society, culture and religion.

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Ukrainian Credit Union Limited Stage
Sponsored by the Ukrainian Credit Union Limited, joins us for music and dance on a grand scale!

Village Voice Stage
This venue provides a smaller, more intimate setting where the audience and performers can interact.

Sacred Choral Music, Church Tours and Lectures

Join us in the Church to enjoy a variety of Christian choral groups and experience the different repertoires that guide them in their worship. After listening to the choirs, please join us for a 15 minute tour of the Church.

952 Green Valley Crescent, Ottawa (in the church)



Presenter: Myron Momryk

How to get started researching your Ukrainian family roots: tips and tricks.

No registration, no fee


Presenter: Roman Tykajlo

Stringed musical folk instruments in Ukraine have contributed to an incredibly rich musical history that spans well over a thousand years. Like unique species, certain variants of folk instruments have evolved along a unique path and exist nowhere else in the world. Come hear how the hoosli, kobza, torban, bandura, and tsymbaly have evolved and enriched the repertoire of this musical nation.

Children’s Activities

952 Green Valley Crescent, Ottawa (church courtyard)

Petting zoo
Puppet Show and Workshop
Wooden magnets
Motanka Dolls
Ribbon Bracelet Making
Pony Rides
Face Painting

Wreath Making (vinok)
Corn Dolls
Balloon Animals
Straw Dolls
Korovai Birds
Bead Bracelet Making