The Toronto ­based band Zirka is excited to be at this year's Capital Ukrainian Festival.

With deep Canadian Ukrainian roots and a passion for traditional Ukrainian music, the band continually strives to create a distinctive lively zabava sound that pleases listeners of all ages. Zirka is comprised of musicians who love to play their instruments and sing and they do it for the right reason: to entertain, to create a party atmosphere and to have fun.

The band is excited to launch its newest CD: Zirka: One More Time: E Sche Raz! Zirka looks forward to bringing that special “energy” to the Festival. The members of Zirka are: Morris Hucal (lead vocals, accordion), Peter Hucal (guitar, vocals), John Hucal (trumpet, vocals), Katherine Hucal (saxophones, vocals), Bill Hawryschuk (drums) and Karen Aniol (violin and vocals).