St. Mary's School of Ukrainian Dance (Nasha Rodyna)

St. Mary's School of Ukrainian Dance (Nasha Rodyna) is based in Sudbury, Ontario and consists of 55 dancers. Participants range in ages from 4 years old to adults.

Those involved in the School not only embrace exceptional dance instruction, but promote the sense of belonging, forming new friendships and attaining personal growth. The main goal of dancing and performing is simple: itʼs to have fun! The instructors are experienced dancers and bring with them a variety of ideas, choreography, energy and vision. They constantly explore new regional dances for students to learn and deliver. The School l is proud to work with seamstresses in Ukraine who design costumes, giving the School a unique look.

The School of Dance is directed by Katherine Hucal who believes that dance is a very personal expression of oneself, as well as being a great escape from life’s stresses.