Myron Kurjewicz

An accomplished accordionist, Myron's talents have truly taken him on many "musical- life-journeys".

Whether he's studying or arranging music, accompanying a choir or dance group, or playing solo, his unique interpretations, stylings ,and passion for the accordion remain unparalleled(he says the accordion was probably his first love). Because of these qualities, Myron has been able to perform with a wide and diverse array of musicians and entertainers and has been able to learn and grow from each of these varied genres. Today, Myron still strives to bring out the best in his accordion playing that he can, practicing to create a truly unique sound, one that captures the energy, soul, spirit, and fire of song and dance. A retired pharmacist by profession, Myron is married to Julia, and they have three children: Laryssa, Adam and Theresa.