The name, “AKORD” is symbolic of both the richness of Ukrainian choral tradition and the melodious quality of this four-part choir, under the direction of Olya Katruszenko.

AKORD, a four-part male choir, originated in 1993 in Ottawa with six men, who shared an interest in Ukrainian liturgical music. Since 1994 AKORD has broadened its repertoire to include more intricate liturgical choral music, Ukrainian folk songs and Christmas carols. AKORD has been invited to perform at many festivals and concerts in the Ottawa-Outaouais region as well as at Festivals in Toronto and Montreal. AKORD has also been invited to perform at the Prime Minister's residence, on Parliament Hill and at Rideau Hall when Ukraine’s President Yushchenko visited Canada. These activities have increased awareness of Ukrainian choral masters and raised the profile of Ukrainian music throughout the region.