Denis Onisimov

Denis Onisimov aka Denìs was born in Lviv, Ukraine on Christmas Eve. Always drawn to music since early childhood. Having a piano at home it was a matter of time until Denìs started poking around the instrument. At the age of five Denìs was enrolled into a music program that involved piano lessons, vocal training and musical theory. Training and evolving has been ongoing since. With a strong classical music foundation Denìs started to ponder off into his own compositions and soon after melody and songwriting was a regular occurrence and new original material began to assemble. Denìs has a strong skill set for coming up with catchy melodic themes and eloquent lyrical content that's both poetical and entertaining. Denìs also contributes to the actual instrumental writing process by playing various instruments like piano/synthesizer, guitar, drums and samplers. There's always an idea behind Denìs' writing, every song carries a message and a moral, hoping that one day these messages will have a positive influence on the listener. Lyrical content usually involves themes such as Love, relationship quarries, politically motivated and everyday life reality topics. Denìs truly believes that he found himself through music and for that he's extremely grateful. His favorite quote is "Life without music is a mistake!"