Ottawa Ukrainian Children's Choir

Ottawa Ukrainian Children's Choir OUCC, founded in 2023, is a non-profit organization led by newly arrived Ukrainian professional musicians and volunteers. We provide musical education to Ukrainian and Canadian families interested in Ukrainian music and choral singing.

OUCC consists of 30-50 children, many of whom are newcomers to Canada. We also gladly welcome Canadian children who are eager to join our artistic endeavor. Our sessions are conducted in both Ukrainian and English languages.

Our choir nurture talented children through music, fostering creativity, and preserving Ukrainian culture. With the support of volunteers and professional musicians, we create a nurturing environment for families, offering comfort and a sense of belonging. The repertoire of OUCC includes Ukrainian choral music, covers of contemporary popular vocal works, and masterpieces of world vocal art.

Our main mission is to make a valuable contribution by satisfying the cultural needs of Ukrainian newcomers in Ottawa and fostering the development of music education and culture within the Canadian community as a whole.