Marta Stepanenko

Marta Stepanenko is 10 years old. She loves and lives by song, is fond of dancing, playing the piano and acting. After the start of the war in Ukraine, she, with her parents and 2 sisters, had to leave her home near Kyiv for distant Germany. The city of Stuttgart became a new home for almost a whole year. But far from home, Marta found how to support her native country - she performed at charity concerts, rallies and festivals in support of Ukraine, played in the Ukrainian children's theater and sang in the Ukrainian choir of the city of Stuttgart "Sunflower".

Marta has been in Canada with her family for only 2 months, but she has already performed with the Ukrainian Children's Choir of Ottawa and at the local Festival of Culture. She hopes that she will find a vocal teacher here and will be able to continue her studies in her favorite business and will continue to give the beauty and depth of the Ukrainian song to people. After all, a song can work wonders - give hope and joy, make you cry and inspire deeds, tell the stories of human destinies and even an entire nation. She sincerely believes that very soon in her beloved country, Ukraine, peace and prosperity will come again.