Mandrivnytci (Wanderers)

Formed in spring 2023, Mandrivnytci (Wanderers) is an Ottawa-based musical phenomenon. Comprising Ukrainian newcomers, the band brings a vibrant fusion of old and new to stages across Canada. Their repertoire effortlessly blends covers of iconic Ukrainian bands with reimagined folk classics, creating a dynamic and diverse experience.

Leading the ensemble is Lyudmila Korzh, a Bucha native known for her versatile guitar skills and tender vocals. Varvara Masloboeva, a Kyiv singer, lends her rich timbre and vocal expertise, infusing each note with emotion. Anna Stoianova, hailing from Odesa, completes the trio with her pianist, composer, and vocal talents, enriching their performances with a diverse musical palette.

Beyond music, Mandrivnytci actively nurture Ukrainian culture in Canada, crafting a bridge between their roots and their new home. With plans to unveil original creations, the Wanderers continue to explore and innovate, leaving an indelible mark on the Canadian musical landscape.