Euriy Derkach

Euriy Derkach is a Ukrainian-Canadian composer, pianist, and songwriter living in Ottawa, Canada. Surrounded by music in his family and culture from an early age, he had a passion for music and playing instruments. Euriy began his musical academic education in Ukraine at a young age. After he moved to Canada, his love for the piano inspired him to continue his music studies at the University of Ottawa. He has recorded over 12 albums of instrumental piano, sacred, ambient, and world music. Euriy Derkach is also a founder of a creative forum Create to Inspire, a school for talented creative people from across the globe, giving young people an opportunity to collaborate and share their creative energy, learn from one another and share the fruits of their creativity with the rest of the world. In recent years, Euriy has released a number of songs written for artists in Ukraine. His music has been featured on over 300 radio stations. The latest album musically reflects a journey from life to death and the life after death, creating a passage, opening a door to the unknown.